The pandemic created a myriad of new challenges and barriers for students’ success across the country. Aaliyah, a 6th grade student at Illahee Middle School, was deeply affected by the change to virtual learning. Aaliyah’s mother, having had a son previously involved with Communities In Schools, reached out to Pat Perkins, our School Outreach Coordinator […]

Daniela, a 7th grader at Kilo Middle School, was struggling to overcome social-emotional issues when she found Communities In Schools. Makenna Lester, our School Outreach Coordinator, connected Daniela with services to help her overcome some of her internal turmoil. The past year was filled with its challenges and the pandemic created an extra set of […]

Harper, a first grade student at Madrona Elementary, was referred to our School Outreach Coordinator, Precious Yarborough, last year. He was encouraged to join Precious’ friendship group because it could help with his shyness. Over the past two years, Harper and the group have been working on their friendship skills. Harper has shown a commitment […]

Jenelle met our School Outreach Coordinator Alexis Jordan at Totem Middle School last year. Although at the time the two had a rocky start, Alexis was a constant positive support for her and soon earned her trust. Jenelle was no stranger to getting into trouble at school and skipping classes or even skipping the school […]

Zanea, an 8th grader at TAF@Saghalie, started her journey with Communities In Schools 3 years ago when she sought out joining our girls group on campus. As she became more familiar with CIS, Zanea became more involved, volunteering to help with the clothing closet and eventually joining our Scholar Voice Collaborative group. Zanea was able […]

During the pandemic, Jake, a student at Lakota Middle School disappeared from school when classes went virtual.Jake and his family have endured many hardships throughout his school career and the pandemic created new unforeseen barriers for Jake’s school success. Jake’s disappearance from school was deeply felt by his School Outreach Coordinator. Many attempts were made […]

Rosie, a 7th grader at Sequoyah Middle School was referred to our School Outreach Coordinator, Alicia Vasey-Neilson, by both teachers and peers. Although Rosie is an excellent student when it comes to homework and books, she was having a hard time being able to share her thoughts and ideas with her class. Rosie is a […]

Introducing a new life into the world is an amazing part of the human experience. Although, having a baby can place added challenges and obstacles to success at any stage of an individual’s life. Laura, a senior at Truman Campus, worked to overcome innumerous added challenges to her school success delivering a beautiful baby girl […]

Navigating through intense grief can be a barrier in every aspect of a person’s life. Alexis, a senior at Decatur High School, was faced with such a challenge while also overcoming new challenges created by the pandemic. Alexis had recently experienced a tragic family loss with the death of her brother.  Shana Ludwig, our School […]

Duncan, a senior at Thomas Jefferson High School, was referred to our School Outreach Coordinator, Tre Howard, because of missing credits and lack of effort in classes. Duncan is an ELL student (English-language learner), and is faced with many challenges with the added barrier of language proficiency.  Tre and Duncan began working on time management, […]