Introducing a new life into the world is an amazing part of the human experience. Although, having a baby can place added challenges and obstacles to success at any stage of an individual’s life. Laura, a senior at Truman Campus, worked to overcome innumerous added challenges to her school success delivering a beautiful baby girl during her senior year. Laura was referred to our School Outreach Coordinator, Markese Walker-Brown, because she needed guidance and support to navigate her new challenges. 

Building their relationship, Markese and Laura worked on her social and emotional well-being. Markese helped to alleviate some of Laura’s burdens that weighed heavy on her shoulders, helping to supply basic needs for both Laura and clothes and diapers for the baby. To help support Laura in her continued success after High School, Markese worked with her on job interview preparation and academic assistance to ensure her graduation. 

Since motivation was a struggle to maintain, Markese made sure to meet weekly with Laura even if it was just to check in with her on how she was doing. In Laura’s own words she said, “Mr. Markese, you have truly been helpful in assisting me with so many different supports, I cannot thank you enough and I will be using you as a reference in the future”. Laura now looks to the future and has plans to save some money while working, so that she may someday soon enroll into nursing school.