The pandemic created a myriad of new challenges and barriers for students’ success across the country. Aaliyah, a 6th grade student at Illahee Middle School, was deeply affected by the change to virtual learning. Aaliyah’s mother, having had a son previously involved with Communities In Schools, reached out to Pat Perkins, our School Outreach Coordinator at Illahee for help. Pat was also contacted by Aaliyah’s teacher, the two explained that Aaliyah was overwhelmed to the point of being fearful of virtual learning and would not log on to her classes. 

Over the course of the year, Pat made several home visits to work directly with Aaliyah, she even attended some Math classes with her. Additionally, Pat had an intern log in to sit with Aaliyah during breakout rooms helping with Math tutoring. When at last students were allowed to begin attending classes on campus, Aaliyah would go out of her way to make sure Pat could see she was present. At the completion of the year Aaliyah managed to achieve a 96.7% attendance.