Katherine, a senior at Highline High School, was faced with circumstances in her home life that required her to travel a few times during her school year. Katherine became acquainted with our School Outreach Coordinator, Sadie Strain, when she reached out requesting items for her family. Sadie was happy to assist Katherine with the supplies she needed and was able to build their relationship from there. 

Although the travel was out of her control, it created additional barriers for Katherine’s success. Sadie was so proud of the perseverance she showed keeping up with her school work to the best of her abilities during such a trying time in her life. She regards Katherine as an amazing individual who is kind, resilient and thoughtful. Her determination to achieve her goals is self-evident, looking to the future with aspirations of becoming a veterinarian someday. Katherine’s next chapter after graduation includes college plans for the fall, attending Washington State University.